LUX-top® FSE 2003



Horizontal stainless steel cable system in freely traversable or non-traversable design

  • Stainless steel cable diameter: 8.0 mm; A4; minimum breaking load 3.6t
  • Combined with our LUX-top® ASP, the start, end and corner points are designed in Ø 26 mm due to the load caused by the rope pretension
  • With national technical approval (abZ) issued by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) and type examination tested according to EN 795:2012 Type C by DEKRA Testing and Certification GmbH
  • Can be combined with LUX-top® ASP*, LUX-top® RGD (ABSEILPUNKT), LUX-top® FALZ-PLUS II, LUX-top® RVT, LUX-top® ONE, LUX-top® mobilE, LUX-top® anchor grommet for direct assembly, LUX-top® GBD, LUX-top® DUO III, LUX-top® QUICKFIX II

Basic components

Stainless steel cable, 8 mm



Cable tension maintainer

Cable tension maintainer with compensating spring for continuous cable pretensioning in the event of temperature-related changes in length, and as a shock-absorbing element for force reduction.

Tensioning device



End terminal

Butt connector



Corner connector

Distribution disc



Information label




Access cable

Additional components: traversable design

Rope guide straight, type SZH-Z

Rope guide wall & ceiling installation, type SZH-W

Rope guide one-sided, type SZH-E



Rope guide underneath, type SZH-U

Rope guide overhead, type SZH-O

Rope guide adjustable

Rope guide 90°

Rope guide 90° -O inside corner

Rope guide 90° -O outside corner


SL rope slider stainless steel

Additional components: non-traversable design

Cable corner protector (45°/90°/115°/135°)

* Self-pressing of end terminals and clamping elements may only be carried out by persons trained by the manufacturer and authorised by means of a training certificate!




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