LUX-top® G-T

Load bearing guard rail system, hinged / foldable and tiltable

  • Self-supporting side protection system for use on flat roofs
  • Tested and certified according to EN 13374 Class A DIN 14094-2
  • Meets the requirements of the DGUV-I 201-056 and the norm ÖNORM B3417
  • Also suitable as maintenance and escape route guardrail
  • Folding variant and tiltable in different inclination angles
  • Quick and simple installation


Guard rail / side protection system for securing SHEVS, rooflights and openings

  • Self-supporting railing module for securing rooflights and openings
  • Clear opening widths: 1.95 x 2.75 m (S) / 2.75 x 2.75 m (M) / 2.75 x 4.75 m (L)
  • Largely preassembled