How to choose the suitable anchor point for your project

Choosing the right anchor point is essential for any fall protection concept. Using the following formula you can easily calculate the correct anchor point length:

Length of the anchor point = thickness of the flat roof + 200mm
(round up to the next 100 step)

In more detail:   

  1. Select installation variant: e.g. attachment to reinforced concrete ceiling = EV2. You can find an overview of the suitable variants in our "Anchor points" catalog
  2. Determine thickness of roof structrure: e.g. 220mm
  3. Add 150mm sealing height: equals 370m
  4. Add 50mm type sticker: equals 420mm
  5. Round up to the next 100 step
  6. Selected: LUX-top® ASP50/2 with an overall height of 500mm

Our practical product finder will also help you to make the right choice. Got questions? Our planning support will be happy to help you!

Illustration on how to choose the right anchor point for your project


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