LUX-top® QUICK-DOKU 2.0 - the installation documentation

The LUX-top® QUICK-DOKU application is used to simplify the assembly & installation documentation process for "Anchor devices for fixing the personal fall protection equipment". This tool enables contractors to easily and clearly document the assembly / installation of the LUX-top® anchor devices made by ST Quadrat s.a..

According to European recommendations and regulations, it is necessary to document the fixing of anchorage points and other anchor devices (e.g. stainless steel cable systems to EN 795 Type C) to the load-bearing substructure (e.g. reinforced concrete ceiling, wooden joist ceiling, steel structure, etc.) with a photo and other relevant details. This is necessary, because the fixing plane is normally located under insulation and roofing felt after the roof has been completed and can therefore no longer be seen or inspected.

Anchorage points are deemed to be elements, which are part of the personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) and therefore require regular periodic inspection (1 x yearly) by a competent PFPE expert. In order to be able to assure themselves of the proper fixing on the substrate/substructure at a later date, the expert must be able to rely on the availability proper documentation.

LUX-top® QUICK-DOKU enables the fitter/installed to enter and evaluate all the important assembly & installation details. It is output in pdf file format and can therefore be immediately handed over to the client.