Safety as the starting point - innovation as the driver

When we founded the company in 1994, we initially committed ourselves to the design of fall protection devices and systems for temporary use on pitched and flat roofs. And sensitising decision makers as well as practitioners for the topic of "safe working on roofs".

At the end of the nineteen-nineties we started to develop and produce fall protection devices and systems, which can be used for inspection and maintenance work by assemblers and installers without requiring additional scaffolding. In 2000 we presented the LUX-top® ASP: the first deformable anchorage point for the fastening of "personal fall protection equipment" (PFPE).

Since then we have extended our range of products from year to year. Apart from anchor points and rope systems for virtually all standard fixing surfaces or substrates, since 2013 our product range also includes an easy to install guardrail system that is held in place by imposed loads. With the LUX-top® QUICK-DOKU, the web-based app for documentation of the installation of our anchor devices, in 2012 we were also able to present an electronic highlight.